Home, Home with the Rangers (if needed)

unSCruz is almost here! Welcome Home, as we Burners sometimes say. We can’t wait to see you and share this time and space with you.

One of the most important gifts this community of other-fits provides is the gift of the Rangers.

Who are the Rangers? Rangers are Burners who have been through a lot of these events and have seen it all. They are caring helpers who offer conflict mediation and harm reduction by volunteering to be sober and carry a radio. They are here to help. They step in if (and ONLY if) you need them. 


Rangers. They’re not police. They’re not security. They’re not your overbearing parent. They’re most definitely not your judge or Chuck Norris. They are more like your cool aunt or uncle who will help you get out of a jam if something goes wrong, no questions asked.

So what could go wrong?

  • If you’re not feeling well or are injured. They are trained to assess the situation and call in medical if you need it.
  • If you are experiencing conflict with another camper or yourself, or are otherwise distressed. Camping in the elements with so many others can sometimes get overwhelming and trigger conflict. It can happen to any of us. Rangers are great at helping to de-escalate and help us find what we need to get back to having the fun we came for.
  • THIS IS THE BIG ONE! If you lose a CHILD, find the nearest Ranger and tell them IMMEDIATELY so that they can close the gate and bust ass until the little one is found.

So how do you find a Ranger if you need one?

Rangers Map

  • Ranger Headquarters is next to the medical tent along the main road (see map). Rangers HQ is always staffed except during the effigy burn Saturday night, during which all the Rangers will be at the burn.
  • Rangers also quietly roam the camp grounds. They always travel in pairs.
  • Rangers wear sand-colored uniforms with the Ranger logo. (Please take the time to admire the sometimes elaborate decorated uniforms. It’s the Rangers’ sole vanity. Please indulge them.)
  • Rangers on duty have radios and can call for help (fire, medical, etc.).
  • During the day and evening at unSCruz, there will be up to 6 pairs of Rangers on shift. On the darkest part of the night, there might only be a single pair on patrol plus a lead at HQ.

Finally, if you see a Ranger out and about, tell them to “Fuck off!”

Oh wait. Sorry, wrong thread. Let me check my notes. Ah, here it is…

A proper greeting for Rangers is, “Fuck your burn, Ranger!” It’s a reminder that when things don’t go as planned, they get to experience immediacy (one of the core Burning Man principles) and grow as Rangers.

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