Service Dog Policy

Only certified Service Dogs are allowed at unSCruz. No other pets or animals of any sort will be allowed entry.

To maintain a safe environment for unSCruz Participants as well as Service Dogs and their Owners, we have implemented the following policy.


  1. Keep Service Dogs on leashes at all times.
  2. Service Dogs must be pre-registered before the event and must wear a Service Dog Vest at all times during the event.
  3. All Service Dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations and vaccination tag on their collars.
  4. All Service Dogs must have license tags clipped to their collars.
  5. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their Service Dogs.
  6. Service Dogs must have undergone “Service Dog Training.”
  7. Any dogs showing signs of aggression will be removed from the premises.
  8. Do not allow your Service Dogs to eat or consume any human food while attending the event.
  9. Do not leave dog food on the ground. Please remove all traces of dog food when you leave (LNT).
  10. Owners must clean up any dog droppings made by their Service Dogs. Bag all droppings and remove them with your other refuse. This is part of the LNT policy.
  11. Do not allow your Service Dog to dig holes.
  12. Do not brush or otherwise groom Service Dogs inside the event.
  13. If any Participant of unSCruz complains about your dog, you must notify the Rangers right away for immediate resolution.

The owner/handler is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her service animal. If a service animal behaves unacceptably and the handler does not control the dog, unSCruz has the right to ask that the dog be removed from the event.   


If you are coming to unSCruz with a service dog, you must fill out the service dog registration. After filling out the registration form and clicking submit, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached PDF. Print the PDF. Bring the completed and printed registration form with you to unSCruz as well as a photo of your service dog. Give the form and a photo of your service dog to the gate crew. You must have all requirements with you upon arrival or you will be instructed to park nearby until completed. If you are unable to provide all required items, your service dog will not be allowed to enter the event.

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