Tickets for unSCruz 2024 are sold out.

Ticketing is different this year! Please read the following carefully.

Ticket packets will be mailed to the address you included with your order beginning in April 2024. The ticket packet will include your wristband – this is your ticket – do not lose it. The packet will also include an RV/Vehicle pass hang tag, if purchased, an event map, and important information about entering the event. Your wristband is your ticket! Don’t lose it!

If you wristband is damaged, Do not discard the wristband. Retain all of or as much of the damaged wristband and bring it to Will Call during Gate Hours. Ticketing will collect the wristband from you and issue a new wristband on site.

Prior to arriving

  • Put your wristband on your wrist BEFORE you enter the ticket line. Put it on your non-dominant hand and tighten it to 2 finger widths around your wrist. Make sure it is secure so it does not fall off but not too right.
  • If you are bringing a child, you must fill out and print the child registration form in advance of arrival. Have the printed form ready to present to the unSCruz person at the gate. Write your mobile number on the child(s) wrist band and secure it to their wrist(s) properly. 
  • If you are bringing a service dog, you must complete and print out the service dog registration form prior to arrival. Have the printed form ready to present to the unSCruz person at the gate. 
  • Please review and adhere to the child policy and/or service dog policy if either apply to you.

Ticket Transfers

We’ve moved up ticket fulfillment so that folks won’t have to worry about last minute ticket deliveries, which will make it easy for anyone to sell/transfer their tickets. We are no longer able to facilitate pre-shipping transfers. These must be handled directly with the original ticket purchaser. Any ticket transfers after March 1st are the responsibility of the original purchaser to deliver. unSCruz will verify original purchases but not handle ticket transfers and mailing to new purchasers after March 1. If you sell your tickets prior to March 1st, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. The name and address used to purchase the ticket
  2. The name, email address and mailing address of the new ticket purchaser

We will then verify the information, notify all parties involved and handle the transfer on our end. 

Ticket Sales

Tickets go on sale starting at noon on Dec. 15, 2023. The admission ticket includes tent camping for 4 days/3 nights of unSCruz amazingness. The event takes place May 2-5, 2024 at the San Benito County Fairgrounds, 9000 Airline Highway, Tres Pinos CA.
  • Children 5 and under are free
  • Children age 6-12 will be $100 per child + shipping fee
  • age 13 and older are $200 + shipping fee.

 If you purchase multiple tickets, only one mailing fee applies.

Limited RV/Vehicle passes

  • RV/Vehicle passes are sold out
  • NO HOOKUPS available
  • Theme camps were sent an email about RV passes and DGS tickets, if included on application.
  • Theme camps will purchase DGS RV/Vehicle passes and DGS entry tickets at a later date.

2023 Volunteer Tickets for 2024

If you volunteered in 2023, you will receive an email from our Volunteer Coordination Team with your ticket eligibility information no later than Dec. 12, 2023. If you do not receive an email, but feel you have earned a discount ticket, please email If you are unable to attend unSCruz 2024, you may bank the ticket for up to 3 years from the earned work year at which point it becomes invalid.

Scholarship Tickets

2024 unSCruz Scholarship tickets are available for $100 + shipping fees. This includes 1 General Admission ticket for the full 4 days and tent camping. Parking is free in the off-site parking area. This does not include an RV/Vehicle pass, which must be purchased separately. There is no car camping or RV parking in the off-site parking area.

Scholarship Ticketing Process:

The Scholarship ticket applications will go live on Dec. 24, 2023 and close on Jan. 1, 2024. The scholarship form will be reviewed by the leadership team who will then select recipients. All applicants will be notified by Feb. 2, 2024. If approved, you will receive a code to purchase a ticket for $100 + shipping fee. Scholarship tickets purchased through the Ticket Scholarship Program are non-transferable. Scholarship tickets must be picked up at Will Call with a valid picture ID.


Tickets are not sold at the gate. YOUR WRISTBAND IS YOUR TICKET! You MUST be wearing your wristband upon arrival. No wristband? No entry. So DON’T FORGET!

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