Need to know

Event Dates

May 2nd – May 5th 2024


San Benito County Fair
9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos, CA 95075

Gate hours

  • Wednesday, May 1: (PLACED CAMPS & ART ONLY) 8a-10p
  • Thursday, May 2: Noon-10p
  • Friday, May 3: 9a-10p
  • Saturday, May 4: 9a-8p
  • Sunday, May 5: Not staffed, open for exodus at 9a, event site cleared out by 7p

Shuttle Bus Hours:

  • Wednesday, May 1: Approved Artists and Theme Camps only: 3p-12a
  • Thursday, May 2: 12p-12a
  • Friday, May 3: 9a-12a
  • Saturday, May 4: 9a-12a
  • Sunday, May 5: 8a-5p

Early Entry

Early Entry is available for placed Artists and Theme Camps only. Early Entry begins at 8a on Wednesday, May 1st. You must wear your wristband to enter. Placement will issue Work Access Passes (WAPs) to Art/Camp Build Crews at the gate. The Shuttle bus will be running from 3pm to midnight.

Folks arriving for early entry may also spend the night at the Fairgrounds to protect their property.

Participants Bringing Minor Children

  • Children 5 and under are free
  • Ages 6-12 are $100 + shipping fees
  • Ages 13-17 must pay for a full-price ticket ($200 + shipping fees) and be with a legal guardian

Please fill out our Child Registration Form when you purchase your tickets. A minor child is any person under the age of 18. unSCruz must have your signed registration form for all of your minor children prior to your admittance to the event.


Ticket prices include admission with tent camping for 4 days/3 nights of unSCruz fun. We do not sell day passes. If you decide to leave, you may return during gate hours if you are still wearing your wristband. If you decide to leave and return to the event, park in the offsite parking lot when you return and take a shuttle back into the event. If you have a vehicle pass and and remove the vehicle during the event, you will not be able to drive back into the event. Pay close attention to gate and shuttle hours to time your departure and return so that you are able to get back into the event. There is no re-entry outside of gate hours.

General Info

  • Parking in the off-site designated parking area is free.
  • Follow the guidance of the parking attendants upon arrival.
  • Park in designated parking areas only.
  • Disabled Parking is available on the event site. You must display a legal handicapped parking hang tag or sticker. Let the gate folks know you need a handicapped spot upon entry. These are limited and available on a first come basis. No camping is allowed in the Disabled Parking area or in any vehicle parked in the Disabled Parking area.
  • After your initial arrival and unload, only pedestrian traffic with wristbands may enter and exit the event without an RV/Vehicle pass. Shuttles run between the off-site parking area and the event site during gate hours and into the evening. No walking allowed on the highway.
  • On Exodus day (Sunday, May 5th), you may drive your vehicle into the event to pack up after shuttle hours start at 8 am.

RV/Vehicle Information

  • RV/Vehicles with purchased passes will be allowed entry at noon on Thursday, May 4th.
  • No rvs over 35’ will be allowed to park in the event.
  • RV/Vehicles should come in through the main gate and Placement will guide you to the designated RV/Vehicle area. Please have your hang tag displayed upon arrival.
  • RV/Vehicles are ONLY allowed to park in designated spots.
  • Either 1 RV (no easy-ups) or 1 tent + 1 car per RV/Vehicle spot. There must be a 10-foot clear radius around cars per CalFire mandate.
  • Absolutely no vehicles or trailers (pop-ups included) are allowed to park in the General Population tent camping areas.
  • RV/Vehicle spots DO NOT HAVE HOOKUPS.
  • You may use your generators in RV/Vehicle spots.

Shuttle Service Information

Upon arrival, you may drive your vehicle into the event with the guidance of Placement to drop your belongings off before exiting the event to park your vehicle in the off-site parking area.

Shuttle Bus Hours:

  • Wednesday, May 1st: Approved Artists and Theme Camps only: 3p–12a
  • Thursday, May 2nd: 12p–12a
  • Friday, May 3rd: 9a–12a
  • Saturday, May 4th: 9a–12a
  • Sunday, May 5th: 8a–5p

Mobility-Impaired Participant Information

  • The event facility is easily accessible for mobility impaired attendees.
  • All mobility assistance vehicles MUST be registered with our DMV folks. Such vehicles include the following:
    • Golf Carts
    • Scooters
    • Gators
    • Mutant Vehicles
    • A STREET-LEGAL VEHICLE WILL NOT BE APPROVED TO DRIVE WITHIN THE EVENT. Limited Disability parking is available on a first come-first served basis. Vehicles parked in this lot must remain parked until departure. NO CAMPING at all in this designated area or within any vehicle parked within this designated area.

Sound Policy

NO RENEGADE SOUND IS PERMITTED This means that unless you are a designated sound camp, you may not play loud music at any time. You are permitted low-level personal music in your camp if it cannot be heard by neighboring camps.
Sound camps are not to exceed 95 decibels, 100 feet from the sound source and may only play during designated hours. Fairground policy: Sound at permitted sound camps is only allowed during the following hours:
  • Indoors: 11a–11p
  • Outdoors: 11a–10p
Silent Disco will have headphones broadcasting live music during the evening quiet hours through sunrise.
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