Where do I purchase tickets?

2023 will be announced soon… keep checking back

What kind of facilities do you provide for those in a wheelchair?

The event is wheelchair accessible and handicap restrooms are available. In addition, we have a designated handicap camping area for those who are tent camping. Please be sure to indicate your needs when purchasing your ticket.

When are Gate Hours?

Gate Hours

Thursday: Noon — 10p
Friday: 8a — 10p
Saturday: 8a — 10p
Sunday: 8a — Exodus (the event ends at 5p and you must be cleared out by 7p)


Please check the unSCruz Ticket Details frequently. All ticketing, time & date information will be there.

What time does the event end?

The event ends at 5 pm on Sunday. Everyone must be cleared out by 7 pm.

Do I need to buy a vehicle pass to park in the parking lot outside the event?



Parking in the Fairgrounds Main Parking Lot is FREE.


We will NOT be offering a shuttle service in 2023. Instead, Our Placement Team will direct you to one of our tent camping areas. You’ll be able to unload all the things before returning your car to the main parking lot.  Then you can walk back in, unencumbered. Pedestrian ticket holders may exit and re-enter the event through the main gate throughout the event.

We don’t want to camp at unSCruz, but would like to go for the day can we buy a day pass?

Ticket prices include admission for all 4 days of unSCruz and Tent Camping. If you decide to leave you may return if you are still wearing your wristband.

Is unSCruz a family friendly event (can I bring my offspring)?

Yes, we embrace radical inclusion at unSCruz. The parents of any minor at the event are responsible for them at all times. You are the filter for what your kids see and hear, which includes all adult behaviors at the event and life in general. You will be directed to our Minor Policy form when you purchase your tickets

Do children have a different ticket price than adults?

Children under 12 are free, ages 12 to 17 must pay for a ticket and be with a signed legal guardian.

Does unSCruz offer Art Grants?

Yes! We would love it if you would apply for a grant. Check out our mission & guidelines.

I would like to volunteer, bring an art installation, or a theme camp. Who do I contact?

Volunteer, Theme Camp, & Art Placement applications are not open yet. Check back often for more info.

What are the sound policies?


Fairground policy states sound is allowed during the following hours

Indoors: 11a – 11p
Outdoors: 11a – 7p

Sound levels are not to exceed 95 decibels at 100 feet from the sound source during these hours.

Silent Disco will run from around sunset ’til sunrise.

Are barbeques allowed?


  • Small propane BBQs are allowed
  • Wood and other combustibles may only be burned in OFFICIAL unSCruz burn barrels, BBQs, and BBQ pit



What about trash? Are there dumpsters for me to throw my trash in?

This is a Burning Man event, we abide by all 10 principles.

LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT) is one of the principles.

  • Pack your trash
  • Pack it in, pack it out
  • Pack out whatever you brought in
  • Pick up any trash, paper, feathery bits, etc. even if you did not create the Matter Out Of Place (MOOP)

Can we have camp fires?


Are there toilets?


Are pets allowed?

NO PETS. Not only dogs and cats, NO PETS includes birds (geese, roosters, ducks, etc.)!

Service animals are welcome. A waiver form will be linked once we have one for 2023.

What is the policy with Recreational Vehicles (RVs)?

A limited number of RV/Camper/Trailer Passes will be available first come, first serve or within an approved theme camp footprint. These will be numbered spots, just like at a campground, so you’ll be able to purchase RV passes and know exactly where you’ll be camped.

  • RV Passes do not include RV Hook-ups
  • You can run generators in RV spots
  • In and out privileges are for sentient beings only

What is expected upon entry for Recreational Vehicles (RVs)?

Once you’ve received your wristbands, Placement will direct you and your vehicle to the designated RV spot.

Can I camp next to my car?

No vehicles are allowed in the tent camping areas. However, you may purchase an RV pass which will give you a dedicated space for 1 vehicle and a tent. Please know that there must be a 10’ clear perimeter around your car to comply with CalFire mandates.


Tent campers will be allowed to enter the event to drop off all the things. Placement will give you direction upon arrival.


Don’t spend money where you don’t have to. You can park your vehicle in the FREE lot, and as long as you keep your wristband on, you may come and go as you please.

Will there be alcohol sold at the event?

No. Nothing can be bought or sold at the event.


It is unfortunate that alcohol is such a sticking point with the Fairgrounds. They will not budge on their rule, “no outside alcohol.” So unSCruz will be hosting a Mimosa/Bloody Mary gathering on Saturday morning from 10 am – noon in the Heritage Hall.


If you have any further questions about the alcohol policy, ask someone who’s been before;-)

Will there be food sold at the event?

No. If you want it, bring it. –>Radical Self Reliance.


We do offer free ice during posted daytime hours throughout the event.

What should I bring?

Food, water, costumes, camping gear, whatever you need to survive the weekend.