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If you are bringing your vehicle to unSCruz, you’ll find the parking situation to be a little bit different from past events whether you have a vehicle/RV pass or not. While you’ll soon learn how easy and convenient the parking process is, a brief primer on what to expect (and a little patience) might be useful before you approach unSCruz by motorized transport.

Photo by Louv 2009
Photo by: Louv 2009

Drivers who do not have vehicle passes will be able to park their cars, trucks, vans, buses and motorcycles at a free, secure, off-site parking lot for the duration of their stay at unSCruz. The lot is about one mile away from our venue at Bolado Park (San Benito County Fairgrounds) on Airline Highway.

Welcome to unSCruz

A free shuttle will haul you and any wristband-clad campmates accompanying you between the parking lot and the event. The shuttle operating hours are listed at the end of this article. A gate at the entrance/exit to the parking lot will also be closed when the main gate is closed. Walking is prohibited and unsafe along the highway that serves our venue and parking area.

But first, before parking, drive up to the main gate as soon as you arrive at unSCruz. Upon showing your wristbands to the lovely volunteers who greet you, you will be directed to where you can drop off your camping gear, supplies, coolers—all your stuff you and your passengers/campmates will need for your campsite while you are staying at unSCruz.

As soon as your stuff is dropped off near your site, you, the driver, will immediately get back in your vehicle and safely, slowly drive to the exit at the other end of the venue, turn back onto the highway and proceed to the off-site parking area. Plenty of volunteers and signs along the way will help guide you.

Those with RV/vehicle passes will be directed to their assigned space within the event when they drive up to the main unSCruz gate. While your space is designed to have enough room for your vehicle, for fire code reasons you must have a minimum 10-foot clear perimeter around your RV/vehicle if you have a tent as well.

While nobody can guarantee you the kind of safety and security you felt in your mother’s arms when you were an infant, unSCruz is taking certain measures to ensure vehicles left at the off-site lot will be unbothered throughout the four-day event. There is strictly NO CAMPING at the off-site parking lot. “No camping” also means no sleeping or passing out inside, next to or near any vehicle that is parked in the lot.

The parking area has a gate that is closed when the unSCruz shuttle stops running. There is a caretaker who lives next to the gate who will be keeping an eye on things. Event staff will patrol each night to make sure folks aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be in the parking lot. The parking lot will be lit all night long.

For safety and security reasons, unSCruz’s volunteer staff are not publicizing the exact location of the parking lot before the event. However, it will be quite apparent as you arrive at unSCruz.
Still, you as a motor vehicle owner/operator can take the usual precautions to reduce the risk of vehicle burglary, vandalism, etc.: Lock your vehicle; don’t leave anything valuable inside the car; don’t leave anything inside that even looks from the outside like it might be valuable; make sure your insurance is up to date.

If you have a wristband, you can come and go as you please to unSCruz and the off-site lot, but only during main gate hours. Drivers may drive in and out of the parking lot (but not the unSCruz event space), only when its gate is open during main gate hours. Those main gate hours are:

Gate hours

  • Wednesday, May 1: (PLACED CAMPS & ART ONLY) 8a-10p
  • Thursday, May 2: Noon-10p
  • Friday, May 3: 9a-10p
  • Saturday, May 4: 9a-8p
  • Sunday, May 5: Not staffed, open for exodus at 9a, event site cleared out by 7p

Shuttle Bus Hours:

  • Wednesday, May 1: Approved Artists and Theme Camps only: 3p-12a
  • Thursday, May 2: 12p-12a
  • Friday, May 3: 9a-12a
  • Saturday, May 4: 9a-12a
  • Sunday, May 5: 8a-5p
  1. Curtis Swain says:

    The dates showing when main gate hours are incorrect. Those dates are for 2023. “Wednesday, May 3” should be “Wednesday, May 1”, etc.

    • unSCruz Contributor says:

      I updated the content, good catch.

    • Karl Wenn says:

      Hi Curtis. This was a blog post from unSCruz 2023. I will confer with staff and see if we should delete old posts to avoid confusion.

  2. J.D. says:

    Hey there. Does a vehicle pass also include 1 entry admission or do I have to buy a pass and and admission ticket? Sorry, I don’t know where else to ask. Thanks! See ya’ll in May

    • Unscruz Contributor says:

      No it does not include the admission, vehicle pass and admission are separate.

  3. Dana Dane says:

    What are the gate hours? They are missing from this article

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