Volunteering and participation is the lifeblood of our community, here are some wonderful volunteer opportunities.



Commissary is where vital culinary sustenance is created for the hardworking unSCruz staff. If you enjoy working with food, washing dishes, delivering hot meals, and being with fellow foodies, this is the place for you. Food preparation/service skills are welcomed but not required. You MUST be 100% sober to perform this duty.

Volunteer form for Commissary


Help license one-wheels, e-bikes and Mutant Vehicles!

Volunteer form for DMV


No! Not THAT kind of fluffer! You’ll get to run food, snacks and beverages to our hardworking unSCruz volunteers and staff who just can’t seem to make it in for regular meal service.

Volunteer form for Fluffers

Leave No Trace

Do you like recycling?  Does MOOP offend you? Then Leave No Trace is the department for YOU! 

Volunteer form for Leave No Trace

Off-Playa Info

Do you love engaging with and informing awesome burners? Off-Playa Info is the team for you! You’ll get to help the lost, the confused, and the interested in all things to do with unSCruz. Plus, you’ll help be the keeper of the ice and reign over our Lost and Found box!

Volunteer form for Off-Playa Info


Are you a seeker, finder of things, or do you like to leave somewhere you’ve been nice and tidy? If you like being part of the magical crew but don’t want to miss out on the party, or you just want to be one of the reasons the Fairgrounds lets us come back year after year? Then you should join the Restoration Team! We start on Monday post-event, so you won’t miss a lick of fun, and you get to make a difference! We are a MOOP oriented Team that gets every last bit of Matter, big and small, if it is Out Of Place, we pick it up and Leave No Trace! Resto’s are the Besto’s !!! 

Volunteer form for Restoration

Silent Disco

Want to help people get their groove on so they can dance into the morning?

Volunteer form for Silent Disco

Volunteer Coordination

Do you enjoy being part of a Do-Acracy? Volunteer Coordination is a fantastic team of folks that facilitate getting the right volunteers to the right teams to make the magic happen.

Volunteer form for Volunteer Coordination

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