Your Wristbands and Vehicle Passes Will Arrive Soon!

As excitement builds for our upcoming event, unSCruz wants to ensure that everyone has a smooth experience from the time they receive their wristbands to when they reach the gate. 

unSCruz wristband and vehicle pass orders will be shipped out by UPS any day now (as of April 10). While the packaging and literature included with your order should be rather self-explanatory, we created this unboxing video to help you figure out what to do once you receive your unSCruz wristbands and vehicle passes. 

Wristbands will be arriving by UPS. If you purchased one or more wristbands and/or vehicle passes, you will receive an email shortly after your order is shipped. Read that email carefully, and be sure to check your SPAM folder just in case! The email will list your order information, including the shipping address you provided and a unique tracking number. You can track your package by the link or tracking number provided in the email. 

If you know you won’t be able to receive your package at the shipping address you provided when you ordered—don’t worry, you can still get into unSCruz. If you have moved or won’t be home when your order is delivered, you can deactivate your wristband by reporting your issue at and requesting a replacement wristband to pick up at Will Call. In fact, if you do not receive your unSCruz wristband/vehicle pass order for any reason, you can contact and proceed to Will Call when you arrive at the event. 

As long as you made a verifiable purchase, you can get a replacement wristband and/or vehicle pass at Will Call. 

You cannot change your shipping address with unSCruz once the order has shipped. If your shipping address is invalid for any reason, the ticketing company will send follow-up emails letting you know they could not deliver, and ask you to update your address in the system.  

In addition, the following information is important to keep in mind as your favorite Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional event approaches in early May:

We learned that there is a hiccup in our ticketing system for child attendees. What this means for you, the parent/guardian/purchaser of wristbands for young attendees, is that EVERYONE YOUNGER THAN 21 must proceed to Will Call upon their entry to unSCruz.

If you purchased a ticket for anyone between the ages of 13 and 20, please take note: DO NOT put on wristbands received in your ticket shipment before arrival at the gate. Bring these unused wristbands to Will Call and swap them for the appropriate wristband for your child’s age. 

Due to a technical issue during ticket sales, we did not accurately capture which wristbands were for the 13-20 age group. To ensure proper processing and entry, it‘s essential that attendees in this age range refrain from wearing their wristbands until arrival at the gate. 

Everyone else ages 6-12 and 21 and up should have their wristbands on before arriving at the gate. Children ages 0-5 will not receive wristbands by mail. These will be acquired at—you guessed it!—Will Call. 

The parents or guardians of all attendees ages 0-17 also must report to Will Call to submit their child waiver and other paperwork as described in the unSCruz child policy

  • The unSCruz gate staff has designated a specific lane for all arrivals with under-21 participants: the left lane. Once at Will Call, our staff will assist you in processing your child registration forms and getting those ages 13-20 their correct wristbands. Ages 13-20 should wait until Will Call to put on a wristband.
  • For those of you age 21 and over camping in Gen Pop, who have no one in your vehicle under the age of 21, with no RV or vehicle pass, and no ticketing issues, the gate into the unSCruz fairgrounds has designated the middle lane for your convenience. This lane is reserved for hassle-free entry into the event. Have your wristbands on and ready before you get there.
  • If you’re arriving in an RV, have no one under 21 in your vehicle, and have no ticketing issues, proceed to the right lane upon arrival. This lane is specifically for streamlined RV entry into the event. Have your wristbands on and your RV hang tag hanging from your rearview mirror before you arrive.
  • Gate personnel and large signs will direct you to Will Call, or wherever you’re supposed to go when you get to unSCruz. 
  • Be prepared to present an ID at Will Call for each attendee age 18 and up. Those age 21 and over should also be ready to show their ID for alcoholic drinks at bars inside the event.

The diagram below illustrates the multi-lane gate entry process.

The Portal to unSCruz
  1. Can Will call hold the Wristband for my friend?
    It was answered somewhere, but can’t find it now. I have a friend’s wristband, but she may be coming separately from a different direction and after me.

  2. What address should I put into the GPS to get me to the gate? Thanks!

    • Hi Cara, it’s being held at San Benito County Fair located at 9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos, CA 95075. We have updated the website to make the address stand out more. Thanks!

  3. We still have no received wristbands (x4 people) or confirmation email they have even been sent.

  4. Where can I find my RV placement on the map? I have my number but don’t know where it puts me.

    • When you arrive placement will take you to the slot you signed up for when you purchased the pass. The map that came with the wristbands is for basic info: shuttle stops, bathrooms, open camping (gen pop). If you want more info, reach out to Keep in mind they are very busy and will get with you as soon as possible.

  5. If the wrist band shows that we are 21, couldn’t that be enough for the bars? Carrying around your license at UnScruz is problematic….. and we have a naked cape crawl….. no pockets! The wrist band shows we are 21, why is that not good enough?

  6. Is it tickets@ or ticketing@?

    • tickets@. good catch, thank you. I updated the link to go to tickets@


  8. Friends, I’m looking for two tickets if anyone is selling please let me know.

    • I have two tickets and an RV pass for sale. The RV pass if for a 16′ trailer. I just now posted on my FB page this same message.

      • A lot of people are posting for tickets on Facebook. Do you have access?

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