Honoring the Honoraria

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” —Andy Warhol

Art photo by Heidi Klassen
Photo by Heidi Klassen

One of the core aspects of the Burning Man experience is art. It is with this in mind that the Santa Cruz Regional Burn, unSCruz, adopted its Art Grant Mission Statement, which declares these grants exist “to support artistic projects created for and/or presented at unSCruz. Creativity Grants are designed to help artists realize their unique creative vision and to promote projects that are participatory and/or interactive in nature.” To help you better appreciate what goes on behind the scenes, we wanted to share some information about this year’s Art Honorariums.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” —Bob Ross

To give you burners an idea about how the art projects were considered in the grant process, all art grant applications were asked to categorize their projects into a choice of various project types. These included but were not limited to the following grant categories: Performance Project; Creative Installation; Creative Installation-interactive; Fire Project/Installation; Interactive Activity; Sculpture; Art Car/Bike; Theme Camp; Theme Camp-food/beverage; Food Offering; Documentary Art; Sacred Space; Educational.

“There is no healthier drug than creativity.” —Nayyirah Waheed


Pepper Jesus

Examples of Art Honorarium Grant recipients are the “Bounce Car” which received its grant under the category of Art Car; the “Flashpoint Fire Show” which was a Performance Project category grant; “Bacon Buffoonery” received its grant under the Creative Installation category; the category of Sacred Space saw a grant go to “The Pink Lounge”; under the Fire Project, “Frankenpoofen” was awarded a grant; and the ”Rainbow Trike Track” received a grant under the Installation-Interactive category. These are just some of the sixty different projects that benefited by the love and generosity of the Art Honorarium Grant system at the unSCruz Region Burn Festival.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” —Albert Einstein

This year, nearly $93,000 in art grants were awarded across sixty different applicants to help these applicant artists and other creative burners realize their project dreams.

The Honoraria

Flashpoint Aerial Show
Flashpoint Fire Show
Vital Energos
Serenity Flower
Platonic Light
Pedal-Powered Pickle, Pickle-back Bar
The Bounce Car
Saras – Sanskrit for that which is fluid
CORN’er store
Playacuda – a Mutant Vehicle
Ali Bar Bar
Shadow Box Dancing
Snarklefarkers Nightclub
Camp Panda
Phantom Bass
Pho-King Soup Bar
The Rumpus Room
Yes, And… Cheese
Project Flashlight
Let’s Connect
Daytime Disco
Changes Book
Light Me Up! Portrait Studio
Frog Unit 1derful (AKA FU!N)

HOTD (Hair Of The Dog) BBQ and Bar
The Playa Pizza Portage
Alice in Trailer-Trash Land
Wok This Way Fry Bar
C58 Site
The Relighting of Neptune’s Chariot
Vizual Storytelling of San Benito County & the unSCruz Community
Rainbow Trike Track
Goblinsburg Inn
TrollTown Phone Scams
Wrenching Raptor
Namaste & Chill Meditation Lounge
Wanda Seat Addition
Spoon Regeneration Station
The Pink Lounge
Trippy Paints
4 Way
Ask a Psychadelic Safety Nerd
Bacon Buffoonery
The Maple Bar & cold-brew coffee enema station
The Green Fairy

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