Welcome to UnCanny Land

Spring is nearly here and with the warmer weather, the festival season begins. That means unSCruz is just around the corner!

The theme this year is UnCanny Land. For an uncanny twist, we’ll be holding the event at a brand new location, The San Benito County Fairgrounds. “How uncanny it will be?” you may ask. The sights and sounds of unSCruz past will be all around us…but you’ll wonder…”where the heck are we???”

So much will look and feel the same as the unSCruz’ we’ve all attended in the past. The same old friends we greet may well still be the same, (but will they, really?). The theme camps we’ve enjoyed in the past won’t have changed (much) or will they? Weirdly, it will be a lot like last year’s event or the year before, only bigger and better and uncannily different!

At the new venue, the surrounding hills are lush and rolling. The fairgrounds have plenty of level ground for camping. With more usable space than ever before—for art, theme camps, entertainment, dancing, meeting new people and having fun—it’s the perfect place to hold our uncanny event. A lot like unSCruz has always been, but different. Now that’s UnCanny!

Welcome to UnCanny Land!

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