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Volunteering is a great experience. You’ll make friends and have adventures. Helping the event feels amazing. You take part in the magic sausage making and have fun doing it!

There are multiple volunteer positions available

  • Box/Gate/Placement
  • Commissary
  • Decor & Illumination
  • Fluffers
  • Leave No Trace
  • Off Playa Info
  • Parking
  • Restoration
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • And maybe more!

Read about each volunteer opportunity and find the link (started March 1) to sign up for the job of your choice!


Requirements for volunteering

  • You need a ticket. Volunteering this year does not earn you a ticket for this year. (But it can work towards a discount for next year! Read on!)
  • Be sure you are going. Please don’t sign up otherwise.
  • Commit to showing up sober, hydrated, well slept, and in a good mood.

How volunteering works

Before the event: you get trained on the job (read a short document a couple of times, talk/zoom with the rest of the team to say hi and ask any question).

At the event: 10-15 minutes before your shift, report to the (clearly marked) volunteer services desk. They check you in and bring you the team you’ll be working with. Shifts are between 2 and 4 hours.

If you volunteer this year, you will receive a discounted or free ticket next year (e.g., unSCruz 2024).

Volunteering for 4 hours earns you a half-priced ticket; 8 hours of work earns you a free ticket! Volunteer tickets cannot be resold, but they are valid for 3 years.

Important to note

  • There are no medical or security positions for volunteers. Critical services are provided by awesome professional organizations.
  • There are a limited number of volunteer shifts scheduled for before the event opens. Volunteers for these shifts will be directed to gen pop camping. Those who are with placed camps will also be directed to gen pop; you cannot move into your theme camp footprint until Wednesday (the day before the event) when theme camps are placed. If you have an RV pass, you will be placed in an RV slot. Work with your volunteer coordinator to determine when you can actually show up.


  1. The previous location had showers – does anyone know if there are showers available at the new location?

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