Kids at unSCruz

Kids at unSCruz

The definition of a child (kid) is any person under the age of 18

unSCruz has always welcomed families, and we have noticed in recent years that a lot more are participating, which is AMAZING!

Due to the influx of so many youngsters, more care is required to make sure that bringing children to our event works for the kids, their parents/guardians, event staff and the entire unSCruz community.

Photo by Jon Chown unSCruz 2023
Photo by Jon Chown
  1. Parents/guardians are always responsible for their children’s safety and their children’s actions. Any damage caused by children is the responsibility and liability of the parents.  While unSCruz can be a party, it is not a daycare. It is the responsibility of a child’s parents or guardians at all times to ensure their child is both reasonably cared for and behaving appropriately.
  2. Parents/guardians must always be able to locate and get to their children at all times. How this is done is up to the guardian: they can be physically watching their child, their child can be with another responsible adult who has a phone, their kid can have a phone, or any other reasonable measure… but if you’re using phones, the parent or guardian has a responsibility to ensure the phone is charged and has signal. If at any time a parent loses the ability to locate their child, they must come to the Rangers and report their child as lost. The Rangers will reunite them.
  3. Children at unSCruz must also always be able to find their guardians at all times, and all children must have their guardians’ phone numbers written on their arm for the entirety of the event. unSCruz will provide wristbands for this purpose.
  4. If the Rangers observe that a child is not being properly taken care of at the event, or that a child’s behavior is causing significant problems for the event, they will work out an appropriate response. This will start with a conversation with the parents/guardians, and may involve further actions, up to and including expulsion from the event.
  5. Parents or guardians bringing children to the event must sign a waiver indicating they have read and understood these rules. This waiver shall include the names of all relevant parents or guardians, as well as the names of their children.

Any damage caused by children that you are responsible for while attending unSCruz
may lead to event eviction and compensation paid to the artist(s) for damages.


All children must be accompanied and supervised by at least one parent/guardian at all times.

Photo by Jon Chown unSCruz 2023
Photo by Jon Chown

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